“The ‘Natural Interest Rate’ is always positive and cannot be negative”
The audio version of the Thorsten Polleit’s Mises Daily Institute article
narrated by Robert Hale, April 9, 2015

Andy Duncan interviews Thorsten Polleit, 23 March 2013, Auburn, US Alabama
http://www.goldmoney.com/podcast/thorsten-polleit-on-the-gold-standard-that-never-wa s.html
Im Gespräch mit Frank Meyer, Metallwoche, über Staat und Freiheit, Januar 2013
The Fiasco of Fiat Money
The audio version of the Thorsten Polleit’s Mises Daily article “The Fiasco of Fiat Money”, June 7, 2012, narrated by Harold Fritsche, music by Kevin MacLeod.
The Euro Currency in the Light of the Progression Theorem
Symposium on the Centennial of ‘The Theory of Money and Credit’. Recorded 9 March 2012 at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.
http://www.mises.org/media/7401/The-Euro-Currency-in-the-Light-of-the-Progression-T heorem
A priori’ Theory and the Sound Money Principle
Presented in Vienna, Austria, 20 September 2011. Includes an introduction by Douglas E. French.
There Will Be Hyper(Inflation)
The audio version of the Mises Daily “There Will Be Hyper(Inflation)” by Thorsten Polleit, April 2, 2009, narrated by Floy Lilley.